Info & A Pool Party!

So we’re obviously still here in Iowa City, slowly packing our lives up, and working on the ever-changing never-ending list of things we need to finish before July 26th.
If you need to contact us by email, our “travel” email address is:
Our photo website is very much a work in progress, however, here is
the current link.
Right now it includes some old photos from Wisconsin and Colorado, as well as the start of our Iowa photo album. That site will be evolving quite a bit within the next 2 weeks, we promise!

If anyone reads this on here ahead of time, we’re having a party tomorrow (Friday the 14th) at the Hunab Ku house:
820 Hudson Ave in Iowa City
Festivities will be starting at 2pm, lasting until we pass out.
There’s a pool in the backyard, Hunab Ku will be performing, and there will be keg beer. Plus frisbee, soccer, and football in the backyard, and probably some grilled food as well. Bring your ID, we’ll probably be heading to the bars at some point.
We’re also going on Saturday to the The 3rd Annual Euforquestra Festival of Community and Music, I mean Camp Euforia. Though

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