Partying It Up in Iowa City

Well, sorry about the delay in posting, but we’ve obviously been busy getting ready for our trip…
Fresh photos are up at the Kodak site, it seems that a new link has to get created every time the galleries are updated, which seems rather redundant to me, but anyways here that
link is.
Our going away party on Friday July 14th was a lot of fun; as the pictures indicate we had a wide variety of guests, we took care of two kegs of Harvest Moon Belgian Wit (brewed locally at Old Capitol Brew Works), and we partied late into the evening before Liz and our friends JT and Brett all took turns passing out. We took advantage of Luke’s above-ground pool, played a wee bit of soccer, more than a wee bit of Flippy Cup, and gave the dogs Tucker & Jake ample petting.
On Saturday we went to the Euforia camping festival as planned, which was also a lot of fun, though the morning heat coupled with our falling asleep as the sun was rising made for an exhausted Sunday!
For the rest of the week we’ll be working on finalizing things here in I.C., as well as working on finalizing partying here in I.C. We’ll have updates on both issues shortly. If you live near us, or want to drive and join us, on Monday the 24th of July we will be having a get-together at The Sanctuary, Liz’s former place of employment. We invite everyone to join us for $3 pints of the dankest beer in town all night long!

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