Last Hours in Iowa City

Since it’s past 2 am and we have to awake at 6, this will be kept brief…
Our last few hours in Iowa are upon us, we have to check out of our duplex at 9 am tomorrow, and should be headed to Omaha, NE by early afternoon. We have a bunch of pictures to post from our last few days here in Iowa City, which will hopefully happen in the next day or two. Thanks to all our friends here in IC, we’ve had a great couple of years here and will love and miss you all! We will be back in Iowa from Monday, August 21 through Friday August 24, though we will arrive late Monday and leave early Friday. Crazy to think that we’ll be in Hawaii this time next week, but obviously there’s lots to do between now and then. Glad the journey’s finally here, we’ll see what life springs upon us!

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