Family Fun in Hawaii

A more exciting Hawaii post will follow once we finally have some time when we’re not fighting off yawns, but our vacation / cousin’s wedding / family reunion is going splendidly. Of course, any good trip is supposed to be exhausting, so I guess that explains it! Anderson’s cousin Aaron gets married tomorrow to a wonderful lady Jackie, who will undoubtedly be a great addition to the Muth clan. All of the Muths have been partying it up, since this is the first time Anderson’s father, his two brothers, and all of their respective children have been together for at least 10 years. So far for “family stuff” we’ve had a wonderful rehearsal dinner at Jackie’s parents’ house last night (complete with a bangin’ limo ride, poolside meal, and surprisingly well-behaved children), a rather excessive BBQ at our condo, a Muth men golfing trip this morning to the stunning Wailea golf course, and just a wee bit o’ drinkin’ which already led security showing up at 2 am, much to Marcia’s pleasure. We also went surfing for the 1st time ever (which was amazingly fun though rather painful on the ribs and hips), did a bit of boogy-boarding (not quite as exciting), grabbed the new Spearhead disc “Yell Fire” – definitely worth getting, and we’ve eaten at several delicious local eateries. The hot tubs and pool have seen us a bit as well, and the poolside Mai-Tai Wednesday this afternoon was pretty awesome.
So tomorrow’s the wedding, Friday we’re going to a luau as a family, and on Saturday we are going to bike 38 miles down from Haleakala Crater, the dormant 10,000 foot volcano here on Maui.
More updates soon…

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