In Waikiki, Playing Lasertag

This will have to be another brief post, since we haven’t eaten in a while, and are going to wonder through the shops of Waikiki while looking for some food, but we have made it to the lovely island of Oahu. We are staying at an enormous resort hotel (we are on the 24th floor) overlooking Waikiki beach, and have had a lot of fun so far on our 2nd Hawaiian island. Monday was Anderson’s mom’s b-day, so we had a nice family dinner out, dining oceanside, with roving musicians, overly fancy drinks, and an amazing dinner menu. We’ll post more details later, but our bikeride down the crater on Maui was fabulous, and we just got done playing a few games of lasertag with our Uncle Greg (thanks go out to him for his hospitality) at Ultrazone. Tomorrow we’re all going to the Polynesian Cultural Center, which is supposed to be both enjoyable and educational, and then on Thursday we are (finally) going snorkeling, so we can make use of our underwater camera. Unfortunately we head back to Denver late Friday night, but we should have time to check out the zoo during the day beforehand. Since the Muth parents need their beauty sleep, and we’re hanging out in their room to use the internet, that’s all the news for now, but a full Hawaii report, including a Top 10 List, should be posted sometime this weekend when we are able to fully relax back in Denver, CO.

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