Beaching and Eating and…

The past few days have been more of the delightful same: reading and relaxing by the beach, getting a decent amount of sun, eating plenty of tasty food, and making sure that the coconut fenny industry doesn’t falter. We treated ourselves to two amazing seafood extravaganzas – one night we indulged on a plate full of succulent tiger prawns, and then the next night we battled (and technically lost to) an entire baby shark! The shark was grilled with a lemon-garlic butter sauce, and was delicious, not at all chewy and rubbery, just a whole kg of tender and boneless meat. We’ve spent the last two nights listening to all sorts of music at a local music shop, this guy Vasu has all sorts of meditational, trance, Goa trance, chillout, lounge music and more, so we are putting together our Goa music collection, which includes several CDs by this guy Prem Joshua, who plays a hybrid of classical Indian music and modern Western techno. His band is playing a show tonight in Vagatore, a beach a bit down the coast, so we are going to try and go see them, and if everything works out, we’ll be travelling there via scooter!

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