Leaving Gokarna and the Beach

We’re enjoying our last full day in Gokarna, we’ll be leaving the beach sometime tomorrow, probably after lunch, and heading to Hospet/Hampi. We’ll probably take a series of buses, local transport at first, before taking an overnight bus for the bulk of the trip. So that means it is our last evening of volleyball, our last night of fresh seafood sizzlers, and our last delicious banoffee pie for dessert… nevermind falling asleep to the waves crashing on the rocks, and lazing on the beach and playing in the waves during the day!
But we shall survive, India has much more to offer than just beaches, though leaving the beach is such a tough task…
Hopefully we can return to speedier internet as well, so we can upload all the photos and videos we have shot here, but we’ll just have to see about that!

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