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Another quick post, again on slow and expensive internet, but we are still in Thakurdwara, near Bardia National Park. Our second week of volunteer teaching went well, highlighted by a half-day due to a teacher’s wedding, a holiday for Buddha’s birthday, and then today we took Class IV, V, & VI on a field trip to the nearby Crocodile Breeding Center and Tharu (native people) Museum. Our focus was on conservation, both of the animals and environment, plus the cultural heritage (since many of our students are Tharu themselves, as well as first-generation school attendees). The kids enjoyed the out-of-the-classroom learning, and the conclusion was quite climactic since a pre-monsoon rain storm drenched all of us on our way back to school!
Tomorrow we are going on our second jungle trek, in hopes of seeing a tiger. That means we’ll spend most of our day sitting by the river waiting, so we will be well-prepared with books to read! Sunday then, being the first day of the Nepali week, we will head to Nepalganj to attend to some Western-world business (ATM, post office, proper internet), which means 6 hours will be spent going to and from via bus. We wanted to go today actually, but were unable to go due to a strike stopping the buses, so we hope that that situation has cleared up by Sunday. If not, who knows when we’ll be able to leave 🙂
Things are going very well, teaching is still trying at times, certainly, but we are getting more and more used to our “jobs,” the children are getting better acquainted with our teaching style and our pronounciation, and though we don’t have a lesson plan exactly, we are able to build upon what we have taught previously. The lack of school supplies and teaching materials is definitely troublesome, but we have adjusted, and have taught the kids some typical American games (Thumbs Up, 7-Up – Duck, Duck, Goose – Dominoes, amongst others), and lately have been working on listening comprehension and cursive writing.
Hopefully a more thorough report will be able to surface soon, but for now this will have to do…
Peace from the jungles (in many senses) of Nepal,
Anderson & Liz

PS – Getting close on the ol’ blog contest… keep on reading, someone’s gonna win some cool stuff!

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