Back From Trekking!

We have made it back from the mountains, and are currently relaxing in Pokhara. Our trek was quite fulfilling, tiring both physically and mentally (at times), we definitely lost our “rice bellies” and saw some stunning scenery! While our mountain views were often limited by clouds/haze, we still saw some snow capped peaks, as well as impressively deep valleys, and we took a (heavy) load off at some hot springs outside of Jinudanda on our 5th day. We ended up trekking for 7 days, though today was the last and rather short, only 1.5 hours down the mountain, but after several lengthy days we weren’t going to complain about an easy day. Anderson (the typist) has a rather annoying eye scratch, so he’s currently doing a pirate-impersonation of sorts, which means most of the details will have to wait until hopefully tomorrow, but we are happy to be back in civilization, though the mountains were far from uncivilized. We spent every night in a nice lodge (except one that was rather sub par), primarily eating daal bhaat, but with hot showers, and very comfortable beds. Lodging was primarily 50 Rs, under $1, and dinner was around 180 Rs, under $3. Expensive on the food end, but when you’re up around 3000 meters, one doesn’t have much room to complain! We’ll post our full route with our next post, but we basically did the Ghorepani to Ghandruk loop, except that we avoided Ghandruk and went further north in order to hit up those aforementioned hot springs.
More to come soon, though photos will have to wait until we are in Kathmandu (around 10 days from now) where the internet is 5-10 times cheaper…

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