Choices, Free Tibet

Our first day of the Dalai Lama’s teachings will be in the next post, which was obviously the definite highlight of the day, but otherwise all is well, we are virtually done being sick, and had an easy day today besides the teaching. We escaped getting drenched by today’s rain shower (often more than one) by a mere minute, dashing to grab our laundry in time! The weather here is such that it takes forever for things to dry – our notebooks are still wet from the rain on our bus ride here! We’ve been eating mostly Tibetan food, although we are getting a bit of a rice craving after all of the noodles…
We bought tickets for the high school culture show tomorrow night, which should be an interesting experience – we’ll just be happy as long as it is better than the awful culture show we bailed out on in Pokhara. There seems to be a lot more pride around here in particular though (maybe you’ve heard of the Free Tibet Campaign? Or could it be the powerful spirituality of the Dalai Lama? Either way we plan on helping while we are here, there are ample volunteer opportunities – English teaching, trash collection, baby-sitting, etc. – deciding what to do will be the hard part!


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