A Tibetan Influenced Update

Its been a lazy rainy weekend, though this afternoon we went to the main temple again, primarily to see the attached Tibet Museum. The exhibits were well-done, though definitely disturbingly depressing at times, and we also watched a documentary they were specially screening, called “The Tears of Torture.” Yesterday we also watched a Tibetan documentary, “Red Flag Over Tibet” by Frontline, which showed some good archive footage as well as what Lhasa now looks like – a “modern” concrete Chinese city.
We have organized our resumes, along with photos, and are beginning to contact recruiters for Busan, in Korea. Emailed three so far, will wait and see what they have to say concerning our “demands” – primarily reimbursement for overland travel, most other things are pretty standard (housing paid for, health care 50/50, a pension plan, bonus at the end of 1-year contract, etc.). We’ve been using the popular Dave’s website to look for Korean jobs, so hopefully things will work out well. We’d rather avoid posting our resumes – since by doing so we’d consequently attract piles of emails from shady companies – if we can, instead contacting a few recruiters that sound reliable and will set us up with well-known established schools.
This coming week will be more volunteering, plus a trip down to the Tibetan Archives, another Tibetan museum, and maybe a day hike at some point. That last option depends on how the monsoon decides to behave!
That’s that, off to dinner soon enough,

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