Finishing Up in Dharamsala

Tashi Delek!
Quick update, since not too much is really going on…
We’ve both finished our volunteering, Anderson’s last day on Friday went well, a surprise test wasn’t too much for the students to handle, although they enjoyed the crossword puzzle afterwards much more. The two weeks definitely flew by, but hopefully everyone learned a bit more about English! Had some nice class photos at the end, and some traditional ceremonial white scarves were presented to him, which was definitely unexpected.
Liz “had” to volunteer on Saturday as well, but like all days with the cute and energetic Tibetan babies the morning hours seemed all too quick, and she got to put all of her favorite babies: Rangdol – aka “Sam,” “Spiderman” – due to his favorite outfit, and “Chubby” – because, well, she’s a bit chubby, to sleep. Liz has even learned a children’s song in Tibetan, although she’s not too sure of the meaning! (Sompa sera-nam, sompa sera-nam…)
Since Saturday we’ve been chilling out, which has been encouraged by the heavy and daily monsoon rains. Some sad family news, we found out on Sunday night that Liz’s maternal grandmother passed away on Friday from a heart attack. Hard to get such news by email, but life (and death) is what it is, and we know that she is in a better, more peaceful place. We did, then, also talk to both of our parents that night, a first thus far on the trip – and we even got videoconferencing to work via Skype with Anderson’s parents, which was downright amazing!
So sad turned into happy, thanks to the international comforting of our parentals, but we obviously wish very much that we could have been at her funeral yesterday – the world is so big despite at times feeling so small.
Our good friends Chris Powell & Katie Ockers are getting married on Aug. 4 in Wyoming, so, again, we really wish we could be there, but obviously cannot. But we wish them all the best, our hearts will be with them during their special day! And they can have our jealousy too, while they soak up the sun in Jamaica for the whole next week after the wedding!
Tomorrow night we head to Delhi, on an overnight bus, which will undoubtedly be very enjoyable! Thursday night, then, we will meet our cousin Reannon at the Delhi airport, to give her an American welcome to the wonderful world of India. We can’t wait to see her, and are looking forward to our month or so of traveling together, plus the fact she’s hopefully bringing some much-missed Doritos with her!
So that’s that, if you’re in San Francisco, you should check out our friend Ben Thompson, laptop DJ extraordinaire!


PS – Tashi Delek means “Greetings” in Tibetan…

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