Tibetan Cooking Classes

We know, we know, two posts in two days, what’s going on?
Just means we are in the land of cheap, reliable internet again… Anderson couldn’t be happier!
Took our first of three Tibetan cooking classes this morning, learned how to make 2 types of Tibetan noodle soup. Educational eating is pretty sweet. Tonight we’ll be learning how to make all types of momos, and then tomorrow morning its Tibetan breads. Breads should be particularly nice, we really love this steamed bread called “tingmo,” be great to know how to make our own. Raining a lot here, right now, but at least its not ultra-dry, nor ridiculously hot. But really Indian weather is pretty bad all over during the dreaded monsoon. Not that we’ll be fully escaping it in Nepal (which we’ll be in after this weekend), but it should be a bit better.
We’re starting to get a slew of job offers for South Korea, which we now have to wade through and separate the worthless (most) from the worthwhile (few and far between). Too many chain schools, with shady reputations and over-zealous recruiters. But that perfect school must be out there somewhere, we’ve just got to track it down, and then negotiate a beneficial contract. This travel lifestyle truly is never a vacation!
Still uploading photos – slowly, slowly currently – but at least some of the Leh/Mars photos are up.
So enjoy those, we’ll enjoy the momos, and if you’re out west right now, we are jealous of you (yes, we mean all ya’ll peeps who keep fleeing IA, short or long term)!


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