Emails and Jobs

Well, no time right now for the complete Nepal update, but we are busy “looking for jobs,” which mostly entails emailing recruiters about possible positions and awaiting their replies. But there are definitely a few good opportunities, and after all we only need one so-called couple position to actually work out, so confidence is high that things will work out soon. Just sucks that we need to figure this out while in Kathmandu, ideally, since the internet is the country’s best and cheapest here, and our other main activity in Nepal is going trekking for a week, which we cannot exactly do without having some confirmation on the employment situation. Slowly, slowly, and patiently as well…
We’ve found a good sandwich shop on Freak Street, the original hippie neighborhood where Westerners first encamped in Kathmandu, which means today we’ve mostly just wandered the streets. We’re going to go to Bodhinath, outside the city, this evening, but some rest and relaxation is most likely in order until then.
More soon, please pray for ESL jobs to rain down upon us!

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