Stupas and Sameness

More of the same is the name of our game. Still looking for a job, still mostly not doing all that much. Our anniversary was rather uneventful, since we were supposed to have a job interview that night, but there was a mix-up on the recruiter’s end, which was very frustrating since we waited around all night for a call that never came, only to have them act like it was somehow our fault that they lost the email we sent them…

We’ve been watching more movies, eating more tasty and inexpensive food, etc. etc.

The next few days will be spent doing some more sightseeing around Kathmandu, since Reannon will most likely by heading to Bardia to teach English sometime next week – abandoning us… 🙂

We’ve had a lot of fun with her the past month-and-a-half, but soon enough it’s back to just the two of us. We’re not too stressed out about the job situation, we’re applying to everything we can, talking to as many recruiters as we can, and even considering alternate options in Thailand as a last-ditch option – there are some short-term teaching positions there if we cannot find what we want/need in Korea. We really, really want to live in Pusan though, it sounds like a great place, being a big city with Western amenities, but next to the beach and mountains both. We think Seoul is just too big, and most other places are too small to have the Western culture, or attempts at it, that we crave… but we shall see.

Today we’re going to go to Bohdinath to see another exciting stupa – should be a thrill a minute.

Hope all is well wherever you are at,

Please pray on our behalf to the Korean ESL employment gods!


Anderson & Liz

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