Korea Contracts! (But No Tibet)

Nothing new to report, except that we’ve signed a contract for teaching in Korea 🙂
We haven’t heard back from the recruiter to confirm, since it’s the weekend, but we’ve been offered a couple position, to use the correct lingo, that is exactly what we want.
Once this has been confirmed, you are all invited to our Employment Party here in Kathmandu!
In reality we will have to get E-2 work visas arranged, which involves a bit of effort coordinating our documents in the US with the recruiter in Korea while we’re in Nepal, but hopefully that won’t be too complicated.
Overland via Tibet is dually infeasible, financial reasons and time constraints have deemed it an impossibility, which leaves us in a quite jealous state of Iain & Claire, who are departing on a semi-delayed trip hopefully on Tuesday. The Chinese consulate has been closed for the last week, so no visas have been approved, so their Oct. 6 start date has been postponed. They will do a package tour to Lhasa, then travel by train to Shanghai, via Chengdu.
We may go to Chinese airports at least, there are 4 main flight options to Korea (direct, via Thailand, via India, or via China), but getting confirmed tickets is difficult since it is the high season right now, so we will take what we can get. Thankfully our employer will cover the flight cost, but coordinating it is primarily our responsibility.
Hopefully more news tomorrow, until then we plan on laying low, since we’re in economic conservation mode until things are completely guaranteed. We want to go rafting again, and ideally at least one other activity as well, if we can afford it, before returning to the land of the employed. We’ve been managing to live quite cheaply, under $15/day total, which is spent on lodging, food, and internet. That means lots of reading, wandering, window-shopping, and relaxing between meals! Rough life…
More news when there is some,

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