Our cousin has just finished her first week of teaching English outside Bardia National Park. If you are interested in reading what she has to say, here’s a link:

An Email From Reannon

If you want to contact her directly, or do anything to help out BBAS Memorial School, please let us know. We plan on establishing a website about the school, once we’re in Korea, with photos and videos of the students, plus information about volunteer teaching and making direct donations to help out. We’re going to call our project F.R.I.E.N.D. – catchy acronym, eh? – Funding Rural/Indigenous Education (in) Nepal Directly. The annual cost of education, at the best private-school in the area, costs around $50 US, for tuition, books, and testing.

Pretty much as soon as we arrive in Korea we’ll be getting a Mac laptop, and developing this website will be one of our first projects, so be on the lookout soon for much more information very soon! We had a wonderful time teaching in Thakurdwara in April, and going back to visit in September was highly enjoyable, so we’re very happy that Reannon is one-upping us and teaching for an entire month! We know that the children are very grateful, and that foreign teachers can genuinely make a large impact by donating their time, knowledge, and abilities.

That’s that from K-Town, come correct

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