Jobs & A Party

Things are moving along on the job front, we’ve heard back from the recruiter, and with some assistance from Anderson’s mother our documents will be on their way, via FedEx, to Pusan. We need to contact the Korean consulate here in Kathmandu again to determine visa timing and such, but the whole process will probably take at least a week, and probably two.
We will probably be going to this party this coming weekend… should be a good break from “boredom in the big city,” looking for a job, etc.
An “annual black moon trance festival” sounds like a good time, and hopefully some of the DJs will be good. We’d actually postponed going to Nagerkot previously, so this will work out nicely, since the views of Everest (and its neighborhood mountain buddies) are supposed to be sublime. Plus, it has been WAY to long, since Prem Joshua in Vagatore, when we’ve been to a concert that was “danceable” – and that’s giving Prem quite a bit of credit!


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