The recent lack of posting has been due to lack of genuine content, so we hope you’ll forgive us :-).

Things are progressing quite well on the job front, on Thursday we received our “pin numbers” from the Korean government, which means our paperwork has gone through and our work visas have been approved. So on Monday we have to go to the Korean consulate (which we finally managed to locate, Kathmandu’s address system – by “tole” or square – combined with a lack of maps beyond the main tourist area of Thamel, makes things hard to accurately find), and give them the numbers, an application, and 8000 Nepali rupees. Which puts the total at 12,000 Rs for visas in the last week, including our (we hope final) renewal of our Nepali visas. Of course getting the Korean visa isn’t going to be super easy, since we have to go tomorrow and deposit the money into their bank account – apparently, unlike every other consulate we’ve ever visited, they will not accept cash.
There’s a bit of disagreement regarding if we need to have a piece of paperwork with us from Korea, but we’ve gotten some contact information for the immigration office in Pusan, so we hope that the Korean government’s various branches can sort things out between themselves, to whatever degree that may be necessary.
Beyond that we are shopping, mostly for “teacher clothes,” which is more fun than you can imagine for Liz while somewhat the opposite for Anderson – something about getting tailored trousers just seems inconsequential to men, while women dream of outfit coordination, accessorizing, etc. Must be a difference of philosophy…

Yesterday we had to renew our Nepali visas, which was pretty much painless to us, though our wallet sorely missed the 3810 rupees the government snatched from us, but by our calculations it will have cost us around 46 Rs/person/day to be here, which comes out to 60-some cents or so. We’ve definitely been having our daily $1.20 of fun.

Probably have much more to post on Monday evening, so until then enjoy the weekend.

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