To Korea Amid Annoyances

Finally some news to report: we’re going to Korea!
Either today or tomorrow, we’ll know in just a few hours – which means we have some frantic scurrying and packing to do!
It’s been a topsy-turvy week: Monday we filed for work visas with the Korean embassy here. Tuesday we “found out” – we already knew, that they needed some original paperwork. Wednesday the recruiter, embassy, and Korean Immigration talked things out – apparently the embassy has jurisdiction so no paper no work visa. That means we had to go pick up our passports, sans visa, leaving us sans $120. Now we’re going to fly to Korea, enter on a tourist visa, and then go to Japan Monday and Tuesday next week to switch over to our work visas. It’s 10:30 am now, at noon we’ll know when we’re flying out, which will be at 3 pm. Hopefully today, that’d be sweet, though waiting until tomorrow means we can relax for at least a few more hours!
Hope all is well, next post will probably be from Korea! We’re working on a comprehensive “best of our trip” list, well, several lists, so hopefully that will be posted sometime soon.
Gotta run

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