Everything Is New

We’re doing fine, settling “down” into our Korean apartment and our new jobs. Liz has returned from Japan, so we’re both here for “good” now, and are steadily getting used to teaching. We have the same students 5 days a week, but what we teach is split between M/W/F and T/Th. Classes are short, at 40 minutes, so though it’s taking us time to get used to so many new things, time at work definitely flies by! Anderson is currently teaching 6 classes, while Liz only has 5, but those both may increase if more students enroll in the school. Some classes (and students) are easier to teach/handle than others, but all and all things are pretty easy, since after 2 days each we almost feel into the swing of things.
We’ve got an informational meeting tomorrow morning, so we have to be at school around 10am, but our 2:30 work start time is pretty prime, and then we are finished by 8:30, so our day definitely flies by! There are loads of good restaurants, including several 24 hour places, right around our school (and thus our apartment, too), so we are eating quite well. And for super cheap. Anderson’s lunch today was 2000 won, and our dinner for two (soup) was 3000 won. It’s around 900 won per dollar, but since we’re getting paid in won, once this month is over we don’t have to think in dollars anymore.
We’ll try to get a more thorough “our thoughts on Korea” post up soon, but eyelids are starting to close…

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