Week 2 and Two Debuts

Quick update:

Week 2 of teaching went well, this next week features the monthly test on Wednesday, so we’ve got to make tests for all of classes, but that shouldn’t prove to be too difficult. Saturday featured the return of the promotional clown and princess, this time we were even loaded with balloons in additional to school literature. Our fellow teacher Rachel was also dressed up, as the Korean equivalent to Barney, and the post-promo lunch of pork-spine soup was delicious, much better than its name would imply.

Saturday night Anderson made his Pusan DJ debut, and his first time playing in front of a crowd in about 5 years. A local bar/pub, called The Basement, had a “Full Moon Party” techno night, so he played on two CD-decks, with a hastily assembled collection of tunes on burnt CDs. He had the party rocking from 11pm – 1am, and while the dance floor wasn’t necessarily packed at all times, people weren’t leaving, either :-). Liz and Rachel were definitely getting their groove on, hopefully mostly inspired by the music and less so the discounted pitchers (yes, pitchers) of rum-and-cokes. Anderson will be DJing there again this Friday, for a hip-hop night, which may prove a bit more interesting… we shall see! Once his Mac laptop arrives from the States, then things will get real banging…

Today, Sunday, was also Anderson’s debut soccer experience in Korea, with the club DMZ, which is part of a just-starting half-foreign-team and half-Korean-team league. The league officially starts in January, so this is all warm up friendlies, but still fun. He played in goal, since thankfully the club lacked a regular goalkeeper, though the shots were few in DMZ’s 7-0 drubbing of rivals Inter Busan. Interesting statistical anamoly – not that any one’s keeping them, but – saves equalled assists thanks to the super small field size, 1 of each :-).

We’re hoping to get our Alien Registration Cards this week, which we’ve turned in our passports for, so we’re just awaiting processing. That will enable us to get a Korean bank account, as well as a cell phone. Mostly we are waiting for December 8th, though, which is when we finally get paid :-).

A fresh post when it is warranted,
Peace from Pusan

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