Settling In…

You may have noticed that our posting is back to “infrequent” – not because we don’t love and miss you all, rather just that we’re more than a bit busy!
School, the occasional obnoxious child aside, is going well, prep time is down to a tidy yet leisurely 60 minutes, and most classes fly right by, particularly on Tuesday and Thursday when things are more listening-oriented. That means we primarily play either a tape or CD, and then ask questions, etc. about it. Monday/Wednesday/Friday is book-based, though we are allowed/encouraged to use games and conversation to assist in learning.
Enough about our jobs, though, right? We only teach for 28 hours a week, plus a few more hours of prep, so we’ve got lots of time for “life,” which is great. We had a very busy weekend:
Friday night Anderson DJed hip-hop at The Basement bar, which went pretty well… we were out late dancing, though our 4am McDonalds was all too quickly just a memory. Saturday we did some shopping, in Nampo-dong, a cheap and large market, before going out to the Vinyl Underground for some dancing. The house music was somewhat bland, but it was still a decent time. Sunday Anderson had soccer in the morning, and his team, DMZ, played 3 30-minute games against Korean teams. They won all 3 games: 2-1, 3-0, 2-1. Not too shabby. Afterwards some of the team went to a Korean bath, Vespa, which was spectacular. All sorts of baths and saunas rubbed most of the pain of the games away, and then our Korean-pork feast afterwards took care of the rest of our woes (as did the maekju and soju :-). From there we played pool and poker at a teammates house, before going out for a quiz show at a pub to end the night.
Now it’s the week again, so our afternoon/evenings are spent working, although tonight, Tuesday, we’re going to go to The Basement for an open mic, and so Anderson can set up a more permanent DJ schedule.
Hope all’s well for you, too
Peace and love

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