Our Typical Expat Life…

As you’ve undoubtedly guessed, not all that much happens to us on a daily basis, the days of elephant-riding, temple-tours, and general craziness, are, for the time-being, past. School has been grinding along, Liz in particular cannot wait for winter intensives to be over – something about a split shift is quite tiring…
Tomorrow we have to give writing tests for all of our classes, which isn’t really all that hard, so we’ll be going to school a bit earlier to get those taken care of, which really means the day just flies by. Anderson’s been sick the last week, so that’s been fun, and no soccer game this week was quite the nice coincidence. The soccer league finally actually started last weekend, with his team winning by a nice 6-0 margin over “the new team” that just joined. DJing is also still going well, although this last week was a bit slow.
Weather is still generally cold, but we’ve gone bowling the last two weekends which was pretty fun, and our coworker Rachel’s birthday party was yesterday, which meant we had a nice Turkish dinner before some bar-hopping and dancing into the wee hours.

That’s about it, although perhaps most importantly:
we are very excited for Luke to be coming, 9 days and counting!


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