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We’ve gotten through our first (half) week of overtime pay, and while still rewarding it is definitely a bit more draining than our previous schedule. We each teach 10 classes, and at least have identical start times and breaks, so that is a big plus. Our days now start at 11:20am, with one kindergarten class before the kids’ lunch break – which we use as prep time – followed by two more kindergarten classes. Two of our K classes are 1st-year English speakers, so it is a lot of parrot learning and chanting, but the kids are enthusiastic and generally well-behaved. We also teach the same 7-2 class – which means they are seven years old in Korean, as in 6 years old American, but in their second year of English class. They are adorable, well-behaved, self-policing (“No Korean-speaking” they say) and quite fun. After that a short 20-minute break, to get our heads screwed back on properly, before we begin our former day’s teaching at 2:30pm. Good news is we share a 4:00 break, so we only teach 2 classes of older kids (but having taught 5 total already) before we have our un-official lunch break. Then 5 more classes straight and we get to go home, a little exhausted from carrying such a fat wallet around :-).
We aren’t making THAT much more money, but the $15 or so per extra class definitely adds up, with Liz teaching 44 and Anderson teaching 47 per week, well above the 37 our contract calls for.
Our school has also gained a lot of new teachers, so our office is packed. We have 2 new Elementary teachers (the older kids), plus our good friends Jin and Nayung are now full-time instead of part-time. There is also another room full of Korean kindergarten teachers, who are not English teachers (and thus don’t speak that much English). There is even a Chinese teacher, who seems quite friendly and is obviously smart since she’s mastered 3 languages!
School is still great despite the dramatically increased insanity, but nonetheless we are VERY thankful that the weekend rolled around, though Liz was so tired she had to skip going out! Anderson’s DJing is still going great, The Basement on Fridays and Neo on Saturdays as always. For more information on that, you can, as always, check out Everyone’s Happy In Sandyland.

That’s about all that’s new, we are hoping to see Sunny again soon, perhaps for an upcoming Beer Olympics the first weekend in April, which Anderson is DJing and is shaping up to be “the event of the spring” or something…

Peace from Pusan
We’re off to go biking on our recently-acquired 2nd-hand-but-still-like-new mountain bikes!
Anderson & Liz

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