Kindergartners, Jirisan Nat’l Park, Cherry Blossoms, Beer Olympics

The month of March seemed to fly by… between overtime at work, Anderson’s knee injury, and busy weekends, seems we’ve neglected Watch Out World! a bit. Sorry πŸ™‚

With the launch of our kindergarten program, and our school’s need for one more foreign teacher, we are now on our 2nd (but probably last) month of intensive overtime. That means we are teaching up to 11 classes some days, at we live at school from 11am until 8:30pm. Good news is, when payday finally arrives this coming Thursday, we’ll be won millionaires several times over, since we both – for the month of March – taught the equivalent of an additional week (37 classes). The longer days are a bit more draining, but class itself is enjoyable, and our new kindergarten classes are rather enjoyable. Teaching younger children means lots of activities, coloring, cutting, gluing, etc. – which also makes the hands on the clock spin faster. Our days also, then, have much more variety, as we go from teaching 4-6 year old children in the morning to teaching older kids at the top levels of our school in the evening.

What else, what else…

Liz went to Jirisan National Park last weekend for Sunny’s birthday, which was a fun ladies-only hiking party, since cripples (ie Anderson) aren’t really allowed to go hiking! Our coteacher Jin also went, and we’ll get some photos posted on our Kodak site soon. Spending a weekend outside of Busan, enjoying rural Korea, was a vast change from our typical city-dweller existence and routine. Anderson may or may not be jealous!

Since spring has arrived, flowers are in full bloom, and this weekend in particular it is cherry blossoms. Our apartment complex, Han Yang, even has had (we’re still listening to the blasting K-pop karaoke right now) a 3-day festival, with lots of food vendors, singing competitions, taekwondo demonstrations, dancing, and plenty of other stuff. We’ve spent a while wandering about, and other than the smell of roasting silk worms it has been quite enjoyable, the whole neighborhood, from babies to grandparents, are out and about having a grand ol time. That means we’ve done quite a bit of student-spotting, with results varying from excitement to shock. Seems some children forget that we are real people outside of school πŸ™‚

This weekend Sunny and her boyfriend Sean came to visit us, which worked out well with the cherry blossom festival. We also met some of Anderson’s students (they wanted to “hang out” with the teachers), so we wandered around with them, and their cute but crazy dogs, and then went for a walk by the river (Oncheoncheon) and an extended game of catch. Saturday night was also the Busan Beer Olympics, which was a crazy competition/party that Anderson DJed. There were at least 100 people, so the bar Neo was packed, and just like the movie “Beerfest” there were all sorts of games, from Beer Pong to Bat Spinning, Volume Chug to Quarters. An American team won, and a lot of dancing was had, and also a lot of money was raised for charity (a local orphanage). Sunny and Sean even played their first game of beer pong, which they won!

That’s that, having a laidback movie night tonight, then back to the teacher grind in 15 short hours πŸ™

Anderson & Liz

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