Spicy Chicken and a Field Trip

Just had a fun foreigner-in-Korea post-work evening. After a long day of teaching, we indulged in some tasty dakgalbi, spicy chicken served with potatoes and vegetables in a red sauce, at a local restaurant. The owner tried his hardest to converse with us in his limited English, and we used our even more limited Korean in exchange, which had a similar feeling to many a meal in India. But we got a beer for free – “service” – and had some rice as well, and ended up quite stuffed for $15. It was actually the proverbial 2nd chance for the restaurant, its right behind our school and we’d eaten there once before when it first opened up, but we were underwhelmed by the regular chicken dish we ordered. The “service” chicken feet they gave us then were, ummm, appreciated though :-).
Afterwards it was time for Oprah, a little slice of Americana (thanks to the On Style English-language TV channel), and then a nice bike ride by the river to burn off all those chicken calories. OK, OK, to burn off those beer calories.

Anderson’s friend Rob, from way back in high school, came through Busan last week with his family (his mother’s Korean) – so we got to spend two delightful evenings hanging out with him, his brother Casey, and his brother’s wife Lisa. It was definitely nice to see him, been over a year and a half, and we made the most of the time we had: went to Neo for a leisurely catch-up chat our first night, the owner of Neo, Ken, gave us the royal treatment which was very nice. On Tuesday we went down to PNU, chilled out at a nice coffeeshop, then wandered the Korean streets before blowing a bunch of change at an arcade. We spent a little time at The Basement’s open mic before they had to leave, and Rob blew minds with some intense guitar thrashing – the stuff of legends :-). He also brought us some great American foodstuffs – Mac & Cheese, White Cheddar Cheezits (RIP), and oatmeal. Yum, yum.

Last Friday we also had our first school field trip with all the kindergarteners. It was a fun morning at the Olympic Park, playing games. Running races, bubble blowing, spoon/ball relays, and ball parachute games preceded a picnic on the grass. Definitely a nice change of pace from our usual teaching, and it was fun to just hang out with the kids, more as babysitters, than drill them with English sentences. Their moms also packed plenty of great food, so we got to eat all sorts of tasty fruit and snacks. We’ll have field trips once a month, so we are definitely looking forward to the next one already!

There’s all the news fit to type, be sure to check our Kodak site (remember that ol’ thang??) for a few new photos from Liz’s trip to Jiri-san and our apartment complex’s Cherry Blossom Festival!

Anderson & Liz

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