Spy vs. Spy & Busan Assassin…

Time is flying by, which means Anderson’s 27th birthday (on June 29th) is practically upon us. School is still going well – we’ve verbally negotiated a 4-month contract extension (still need to sign the actual paperwork), so that means we will be remaining in Korea through the end of February 2009. A few more months, particularly during the mild Korean winter, will definitely pass quickly, and the savings we can put away will enable us to have a lot more financial flexibility in regards to our future plans. Beyond relaxing in America for a good while we have a lot of good ideas, but we’ll see how it goes whether we end of biking around America, traveling to Central/South America, teaching in SE Asia, or working on a cruise ship first. All good options, and no rush to experience them all!
The Spy Vs. Spy party is consuming much of our time, as is not getting assassinated (by a water fun) playing the Busan Assassin game itself. Our one attempt at killing our targets was unsuccessful, but perhaps more importantly we haven’t died ourselves yet! We’ve gotten together a couple generous sponsors for our event, so we’ll have around 50 total prizes to auction off, and recruiting people for the date auction is also going well. Still have a few more games to plan, more spy music to download, and some spy-themed DVD to put together – but with 5 days left until the party things are going rather well. Spent much of the weekend passing out business cards, over 400 have been given out and response on the street has been good – Busan doesn’t exactly have an abundance of charity parties so we’re hoping a lot of people turn out to help the orphans of Sung Ae Won Home for Children.
It’s test week at school as well, so that means we’ll have a rather easy day on Friday – though the kids will all hate it :-), and then the month of July will already be upon us!

Hope all’s well wherever you dwell

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