It’s Just Life…

Oh yeah… we have a blog 🙂

Hahaha… seriously, the past couple weeks have been completely average and normal. Only highlight occurred this past week, when we got officially approved by Korean Immigration for our requested 4-month contract extension. So instead of being finished at the end of October, we’ll be in Korea until the end of February. Family finances, avoiding a cold winter, and generally bad employment possibilities back home in the USA combined to shape our decision. As much as we want to return home, and it is quite badly at this point, a couple few months working and saving money here is definitely in our own self-interest.

We are working on planning a bicycling tour across SE Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam & Laos) for next summer, so we actually won’t be in the States more than a few months, but we do like to keep busy :-). Should be a lot of fun cruising around with friends, getting in shape and seeing an amazing part of this wild world of ours. We’re thinking late-June through October/November ’09, but it’s definitely still in the planning stages.

Lately we’ve just been working, taking Korean lessons twice a week (going slowly but effectively), partying on the weekends (going to an 80s-themed party tonight), and working out at the gym. Anderson’s still DJing on Fridays, and we ate vegetarian for a couple of weeks in an effort to lose a few pounds and get healthier. It worked generally, but we need to work hard at the gym as well!

So that’s that, sorry about the lack of posting, but there just hasn’t been much to post about, you know?


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