End of Our Year Contract!

Again, not much to report over here, although our initial year’s contract is up at the end of this week, which is definitely exciting! So we’ll get our well-deserved bonus next paycheck, plus an equally well-deserved raise for our year of service… and then we just have 4 more months until we’re home!
Liz is currently doing a weekly story-telling class for pre-kindergartners – their first experience with a white person, plus she’s been promoted to head foreign teacher (more of a title than any real job change)…
Anderson is still DJing and is working on a much-delayed music mix, to be released at an upcoming party to celebrate his one-year DJing anniversary at The Basement bar where he DJs on Friday nights…

Work is going well as always, just had speaking tests today and our bi-monthly progress reports of our students are due this week as well. Despite some procrastination they are coming along well enough.

In addition to Halloween we are also going to go paintballing this next weekend, and tomorrow is our co-worker Blaise’s birthday, so it will definitely be a busy weekend. Anderson is also back to playing soccer, now in a rather competitive league, and the team has a big away game this Sunday in the nearby city of Daegu.

So nothing yet lots going on 🙂

Hope all’s well with you and yours, only 84 more teaching days to go!

Peace and much love

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