Quick Summer Update

We’re back in America now, and have been having a fantastic 2 months (so far) of seeing friends and family, while also indulging in American greasiness and some definite fun times!
Currently we are in Colorado, staying with Anderson’s parents, where we will remain for about another 10 days before heading off to the Summer Camp Music Festival in Illinois. Some recent highlights have included: hiking outside Boulder, CO; hiking and camping outside Ogden, UT; visiting Arches National Park in Utah; seeing our fav band Hunab play 3 shows; visiting the Leinenkugel’s Brewery in Chippewa Falls, WI.
So far we have spent time in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, and Utah, and have driven through another few states as well. We’ve had a lot of happy reunions, and though at first we definitely felt some reverse culture shock, we are now well settled into our current life as travelers in America.
Right now we are sorting out all sorts of things that have been boxed up, so everyday is a bit of a trip down memory lane, picking the interesting stuff to save and recycling/donating the rest. We’ve finished what’s been stored at Anderson’s parents’ house, so our next challenge is everything boxed up in storage. Going to be lots of fun for sure…
Coming up on the horizon is our bicycling trip through SE Asia, slated to start in late July. That’s still in the planning stages, but we are slowly gathering equipment, working on our route, and mentally and physically preparing. Mostly we’re just excited though!

More to come soon, and photos should be posted sometime soon…

Anderson & Liz

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