Leaving Colorado, Travelfish Article: Vietnam to Laos

There’s a new Travelfish article called The Road Less Traveled. It covers our six day ride from Hanoi, Vietnam to Sam Neua, Laos in extensive detail, so check it out when you’ve got a bit of spare time!

Otherwise we are wrapping things up here in Colorado, were supposed to leave for Iowa today but that’s been postponed until tomorrow so that we can give Luke a ride as well. Yesterday was Anderson’s parents’ 43rd wedding anniversary, so we went out for a nice dinner at a place called The Perfect Landing. Located next to the Centennial Airport, it had a nice view of the incoming planes, as well as totally delicious (and from Tues – Thurs affordable) food. Where else can you dine fancily and enjoy a $10 steak dinner or a $10 bottle of wine?

Our time here has been too short, so our sincere apologies to those friends we haven’t gotten a hold of – we’ll be back in early February with much more time on our hands! But it’s been great being back (despite the cold weather) and we’re very glad that we’ll be spending a decent amount of time in America in the upcoming future.

Tomorrow then we’ll be doing the long-haul drive from Denver to Iowa City, about 12 hours assuming the weather holds up. Tonight we’re going to a casino in Blackhawk, our friend Dan has a free room (!), so we’ll be starting our journey to the Mid-West early in the morning from the mountains… should be fun!

Be seeing all you Iowa folks real soon, and then by the 22nd or 23rd of December we’ll be up in Wisconsin for the holiday season (and several weeks afterward),

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