Last Days In Denver…

At the Garden of the Gods
At Korean BBQ

Hey hey!

So we’re moving forward in Muth-land, as our departure from Denver this Saturday morning rapidly approaches! Today we actually just paid off the balance on our TEFL program, so in just five short days we’ll be starting our free Spanish lessons, while in twelve days we will be beginning our TEFL certificate – should be a lot to learn, a good review of things we already know, plus a lot of in-class experience…
We are both done working now – Anderson finished up his job last Thursday, although Liz is still under the gun as she is wrapping up her Personal Trainer certification program before we depart.
We are still house-sitting, though we spent a decent chunk of time the past two days cleaning out Anderson’s parents’ storage center – good fun :-). That means we’ve got another two days of dog-sitting before we’ll be pet-less for a good long while…

We just survived a busy-but-super-fun weekend, which started off with the Great American Beer Festival on Friday evening. Five hundred breweries, serving over 2000 beers… what more need be said? You should go next year if you can, impossible to regret it.
The GABF was actually only the first part of our evening, as we ended the night closing down a gay bar with all of our sweet dance moves 🙂
Saturday was more insanity, in the form of roller derby thanks to the Denver Roller Dolls. It was also our 6th wedding anniversary, and you know how much we love fun! We’d gotten half-price tickets off of the internet beforehand, and once we’d figured out the sport we ended up having a great time cheering our favorite jammers on amidst big blocks and tough hip-checks. There’s one more match in October, and our buddy Eric is for sure going since he won free tickets!
From there we checked out Denver’s Oktoberfest, held in LoDo near Coors Field, which was a giant street party with over-priced beers and German polka-style music. No GABF, but still a good time…

Sunday we then went up to Mishawaka, an outdoor amphitheater near Fort Collins, to see JJ Grey & MOFRO – rocking southern funky soul music. The venue is beautiful, and might be closed for a while, so it seemed an appropriate moment to check it out – plus it was Joni’s birthday so we had to celebrate in style! Style meant a mountain of Beau Jo’s pizza afterward, which our bodies are still recovering from 🙂
This week has been busy as well, doing chores/jobs for Anderson’s parents (clearing out a storage center, gardening, etc.), packing up all of our stuff (OK, haven’t really done much of that yet), plus hanging out with all of our friends while we still can. Went up to Boulder last night, fresh beer from Mountain Sun Brewery, and then this Friday we will be at our favorite/local brewery, Dry Dock in Aurora.

We’re leaving for Mexico this coming Saturday, the 25th, though we’ll spend most of the day enjoying a long layover in LA with Anderson’s aunt and uncle – should be a fun final day in America before we fly to Mexico City around midnight… we’ll spend Sunday morning riding the bus to Queretaro, meeting our host family, etc. Our free week of Spanish lessons begin on Monday, and then our TEFL course starts the next week, October 4th. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable ESL experience, but we shall see…

Here’s your moment of zen, from the Great American Beer Festival:

Wondering about the GABF winners? Yeah, us too: RESULTS

More news soon, probably from south of the border,
Anderson & Liz

PS – Our cousin Reannon is writing a series of travel articles about her adventures with us in India a few years ago. She’s doing a weekly column, of which there are three articles so far. Photos were all taken by Anderson, and she gives a great new perspective on our travels, so feel free to check them out – we’ll post more links as she writes them:

#1 – Goodbye Big Apple, Hello Big Adventure
#2 – Overwhelmed and Overheated
#3 – Monkey Trouble

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