The Culinary Delights of Queretaro

Having Some Drinks With Our Housemate Jerry

Somehow our week of Spanish lessons has evaporated before our eyes, though moreso before our feet since we’ve spent plenty of our waking (but non-studying) hours exploring Queretaro.  The city is really nice, and generally very easy to get around.  We’ve found a few movie theaters, plenty of beautiful old squares, and even some Asian restaurants (mostly in a modern mall) should we need a dramatic change from the delicious Mexican food:

A Thin-Cut Mexican Steak + Una Cerveza Negra
Anderson Enjoys a “Comidas Corridas” – A Prepared Set Meal for Lunch
Segundo Comidas Corridas
A Late-Night Food Stand Just Down the Street

Yep, pretty much wherever we go to eat es muy fantastico!

We have one more day of Spanish tomorrow, and are planning on going to a free concert by some famous Mexican musician whose name we keep forgetting… she plays guitar and it’s supposed to be crazy-packed so it should be an interesting cultural experience.  We caught an impressive (and musically much more our style) concert on Wednesday night – we wandered about for the afternoon, met some really nice college students at a local skate-park, had a tasty dinner, and as we emerged from the restaurant a concert literally began in the adjacent square!
No photos, you’re going to have use your imagination: set to the b&w film Metropolis, which played on a building wall, three musicians dressed in white body suits played instrumental livetronica.  A woman played drums, a steady beat that at times evaporated into the tension of the film, but mostly held together the other instrumentation tightly and confidently.  Both the guitarist and bassist also used synthesizers, though their usage was linked to the film: synths were blipped, at times futuristic and bassy yet often subtle and melodic, while the machinery of Metropolis was efficiently trusted and then used in Frankensteinian fashion to resurrect a lost love.  When emotion and humanity took over, primarily in the form of chaos and violence, then the organic instruments emerged, maintaining the almost-alien overtones of a future imagined by the past, while also increasing the strength of the low-end and the poignancy of a minor themes.  It was a great performance, in a cool setting, and we felt quite lucky to have stumbled into it.
Yesterday we literally wandered ourselves into exhaustion and sore legs, but we saw some parts of the city that we hadn’t yet, so our efforts were well worth it!
While we are missing the fantastic microbrews that Colorado spoils us with, there are at least a lot of beers to choose from here, though perhaps not of the widest variety.  But pretty much every Mexican beer we’re familiar with is available (Corona, Negra Modelo, Pacifico, Tecate, Sol, Dos Equis etc.), but the best new beer we’ve had is definitely Leon, similar to (and manufactured by) Negra Modelo, but supposedly brewed in the Munich style…

Right now we’re just reading in our room, we’ve both got some Spanish homework and Anderson has vocab cards to make before we go grab some dinner – a typical day 🙂

Anderson & Liz

PS – the Moment of Zen shall be returning shortly… don’t think we’ve forgotten!

PSS – Our cousin Reannon has another India travel article out, this one about our stomach-churning ride from the hill-station of Shimla: #4 – Losing It

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