Happy NYE…!

View From The Side Of The Church Of Santo Domingo

Well, this hasn’t really been the best week ever, between all of us getting sick (varying from altitude sickness to nasty head-colds to swollen lymph nodes), frequent and often pounding rains, and getting kicked out of our first hotel with a minimum of notice.  We hadn’t done anything, they’d just booked our room to a higher paying customer… But we’re in the process of recovering, the weather’s seeming to get a touch better, and our second hotel is run by a friendly and helpful woman by the name of Mamma Cusco.  We can get tea whenever we want it (which is quite frequently right now), an internet cafe is attached, and our room is clean with a wood floor and a high ceiling.
In addition to countless liquids, we’ve been eating a good variety of food, since many days eating has been about all we’ve able to do.  Real fun.  Yesterday we had kebabs wraps for lunch and a massive Indian buffet for dinner – don’t know if we’re able to outdo ourselves tonight again -  plus we’ve tried a couple of different pizzerias, found a delicious vegetarian restaurant, and eaten at several soup and sandwich restaurants.
As for the jobs front, we’ve persevered through illness to apply at every English school that we’ve been able to learn of, but thus far nothing has come to fruition.  We do have a “teacher workshop” with one school set up for January 4th, though whether that will lead to a job is still unknown.  That’s also the day classes start up again, so if the news is still the same then we’re going to be switching to a Plan B – we’ll let you know once we’ve got it all sorted out ourselves!
Yesterday we also checked out the Natural History Museum and the massive Cathedral in the main Plaza de Armas.  The former had taxidermied animals, some in dioramas and some in glass cases, mostly from Peru.  The 2 soles (70 cents) price was at least appropriate.  The Cathedral (12.5 soles with our ISIC student discount cards) is quite massive, filled with religious iconography and several enormous paintings.  Bleeding Jesus’ were everywhere, as were ornate wood-carvings, large silver platters, and tour groups.  Today we added on seeing the Dominican Priory and Church of Santo Domingo, which was much more historically interesting (because it was built on, and using, the foundations of the Incan Temple of the Sun) than modernly exciting.  Not sure how much, or little, excitement our NYE plans hold, but here’s hoping 2011 is at least as fun as 2010 has been!



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