Back In The Good Ol’ USA

Us At Lambeau Field!

Well, alright!  We’re having a fantastic time back ‘home’ with friends and family, both in Colorado and in Wisconsin.  Been quite busy, between visiting people, the various stages of packing and unpacking we seem to constantly find ourselves in, and still trying to relax and have plenty of fun.  Don’t worry, we are succeeding!

Our time in CO seemed to fly by, but we did have plenty of good times with friends and Anderson’s parents, including a weekend trip up to Boulder and Fort Collins.  Our good friend Luke has opened a Falbo’s Pizzeria in Fort Collins – if you are in the neighborhood please check it out – the delicious super-cheesy pizza will melt your face with happiness!

Our journey to Wisconsin, with a stop in Iowa City, went well, and many thanks go to Joe & Hannah for putting us up for the evening, they run a wonderful youth hostel for vagrants :-).  That meant we arrived in WI the day before the Super Bowl – which of course the Green Bay Packers won in climactic style over a much-hyped Pittsburgh Steelers team that ultimately chocked despite having the ball and the opportunity to win in the closing minutes of the game.  It was epic, especially surrounded by die-hard Packers fans, so we’re really glad we trekked up north for the big game – football and family: can’t get much more American, eh?

A Long Lost Truck Amidst The WI Snow

Other than freaking out over a pigskin, we’ve played some Bongo (WI-style bingo), journeyed to Green Bay in a failed attempt to see the Packers victory celebration (beverages at a nearby brewery were still tasty at least), gone hiking in Liz’s parents’ back 40 (acres), and done our part to keep the Schlitz name still in business (they crafted Old Mil).  We’ve also gone ice-fishing three times so far, with quite a bit of success for a city slicker (A) and a northwoods girl who’s fled the woods (L)!

Anderson Poses With A Bluegill

Liz & Her Mom & A Fish

Anderson & Our Nephew Malichi & Our Day's Catch

We also have an exciting job announcement: we’ll be moving to Hong Kong in early March to start teaching pre-school there!!  Liz has a job starting in March, with Tutor Time Int’l Nursery and Kindergarten, replacing a teacher who must leave mid-term.  Consequently Anderson doesn’t have a job until July, when a new session begins, however he’ll be on a dependent visa which means finding a different short-term job should be relatively easy to find.

So that’s where we’re at right now, we’ve sent all of our paperwork to Hong Kong, and we’ll be purchasing plane tickets in the next couple of days.  We’ve got a few more days in Wisconsin and then we’ll be heading back to Colorado to finish packing up.  Big changes coming soon, which we’re very excited for!   We can’t wait to get back into the classroom, put all of our new-found skills from the TEFL course to use, and have a lot of fun teaching children.  Hong Kong’s obviously got a lot to offer (besides a brand new and intimidating language we need to get to a functional level with quickly), never mind great year-round weather, so we’re excited to be heading back to Asia!

More news from the Muths soon,



And now for your moment of zen, here’s the word-on-the-street regarding the Packers:

Out With The Old & In With The New

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