In Hong Kong

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have safely arrived in Hong Kong!  Been super busy getting settled in, acclimated at our schools (we work at different locations for Tutor Time), and getting enough sleep to conquer our jetlag.  Liz, as planned, is working at the Red Hill location, on the SE side of Hong Kong Island, while Anderson was offered a last-minute (literally the last email we checked before departing) position on the Kowloon side (mainland) at the Suffolk location.  Both schools are just as beautiful as the photos would suggest, if not more so, and are decked out with indoor/outdoor playgrounds, modern technology, and tons and tons and tons of teaching tools.  We are both teaching ECE (Early Childhood Education): Anderson teaches Mommy + Me classes with toddlers (1-2) and twaddlers (2-3), while Liz is in a pre-school setting (no parents) and she teaches both 2 and 3 year-olds.  We each teach 4.5 hours/day Monday-Friday, and then Anderson has 3 hours of teaching on Saturday as well, while Liz just has to be at her school during those hours but she doesn’t have to teach any classes.  Our classes are very fun-oriented — music plays constantly, art, sensory, and creative activities are included everyday, and the entire curriculum is designed to be positive and to encourage children to grow and learn.  Quite cool stuff, really.

Currently we are living in a serviced apartment in the neighborhood Causeway Bay, which is on the north-side of Hong Kong Island.  Here’s a map that shows roughly where our high-rise is roughly located, very close to the massive Victoria Park – we’re on the 7th floor in an L-shaped room not much larger than a hallway :-(.  Good news is it isn’t all that bad – all 230 square feet of it – there’s room to stow our stuff away, and we’ll only be here for a month before we find more permanent (and hopefully larger) accommodation.  How small is SMALL you ask?

Anderson Standing In The Hallway & Kitchen Simultaneously

Here's The Bathroom... Conveniently Located By The Front Door

Liz Lounges On Our Bed

Bed, Closet & TV

Ironically enough the apartment complexes here are all called “Mansions!”  Any additional photos would be redundant, but here are the views from our windows:

Hong Kong Skyline Over Victoria Park

The View Down Kingston Street

So there you go, more news once we’ve established a semblance of a social life – planning on going to a pick-up ultimate frisbee game later and then to a nearby club (3 MTR stops away) for a reggae night.  Sunday is our only day off, so we’ve got to make the most of it!

More news when it happens,



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