Hong Kong: Week One

Our first week here in Hong Kong has been a bit topsy-turvy, but we’re slowly getting settled in.  Thankfully Liz likes her job, “teaching” 2,3, & 4-year-olds in a free-play environment.  Not quite perfection, but it’ll do.  Anderson’s job, with the same company, was far from ideal, so much so that after 2.5 days he put in his resignation.  No need to bash Tutor Time here, but let’s just say it was glorified baby-sitting at its “finest.”  So he’s back on the job hunt, which was the original plan anyway, and hopefully something will work itself out soon.  Otherwise, life is fine in the big city, just a bit boring with Liz’s long hours (an eleven-hour day with the commute included) and no friends or money to do anything with in the evening.  On the upside, that means we are eating healthfully, and living inside a closet isn’t so bad once you get used to it!

More real news when there is some, we’re going out with one Liz’s co-workers this evening so hopefully that will be fun, and we’ll be doing something tomorrow with her one full day off, perhaps some hiking in the nearby hills…



PS – if you’re worried about the tsunami, please don’t be, Hong Kong isn’t even in the path of the waves, which thankfully seemed to have spared most places other than Japan.

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