Gone Boating & Hiking; Dragon Boat Festival; Plenty of Working

Early Morning Dragon Boat Racing At Sha Tin

Here’s a brief wrapup of our last two weeks:

Anderson’s now working fulltime, about 10 hours/week teaching adult group conversation classes, and then the remainder of his schedule (up to 30 hours/week) is teaching private students who are either secondary students or adults.  So now we’re both quite busy with work, which obviously has its benefits and its drawbacks!  He’s also looking at going back to school starting this fall to get a Master’s degree, more details on that when things have been fully figured out…

Our social life has been increasing, three months here means we’re finally settling in apparently.  Went and saw Dragon Boat Racing appropriately for the Dragon Boat Festival on June 6th, which was a national holiday.  The racing wasn’t necessarily the most exciting, but it was a fun cultural experience and a group of Anderson’s students joined us for the early morning trek up to the New Territories to watch it.

Urban Boat Racing

That weekend we also went on a fun boat-cruise with one of Liz’s co-workers, leaving from Causeway Bay and stopping in Clear Water Bay for some afternoon swimming.  The water was perfect, the all-you-can-eat food and drinks were both high-quality, and the staff at Jaspa’s Party Junk took excellent care of us.  A memorable day, and not just because of our sunburns!

This weekend we finally went to a cinema, and we definitely enjoyed The Hangover: Part Two.  Good mix of same-sameness from the first movie, while upping the ante appropriately for Bangkok.  Having been both there and Vegas, to us it was the more believable of the films given just how insane SE Asia can be.  Maybe fewer jokes than the first installment, but still well-made and well-executed.  Looking forward to the upcoming Green Lantern movie, and in case you were wondering – yes, they are played in English (but with Cantonese subtitles)!

Full Bellies All Around After Our Sunday Lunch

Had a fun day today with a bunch of Anderson’s students: had a great Indian lunch at Ashoka, our local favorite, which hopefully impressed a few taste buds.  We then went on a hike, starting at nearby Tai Koo and then finishing up in Fortress Hill.  Took about two hours, and once we’d gotten a good sweat on the weather seemed almost downright comfortable at times.  Hong Kong’s summer is hot and humid, and it has certainly arrived and will only be getting worse.  Weather-wise, we already can’t wait for September to arrive.

Liz Enjoys A Moment With Buddha While On Our Hike

City-View From Braemar Hill

Hope all’s well in your part of the world, and as always – thanks for reading!



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